Roger Thomas Biography


Roger Thomas, VP Business Development

“Partners for Incentive”


  • 25 years of experience in the employee Incentive and Recognition industry.


  • Provides 25 years’ professional experience in safety, employee recognition, sales and marketing recognition and award programs for many size organizations


  • Possesses the knowledge of methods and processes that will reduce accidents, lower insurance costs and reduce turn over. He has improved the safety records of many companies through employee recognition and reward programs with a strong focus for creating cultures of safety recognition within corporations.


  • Keynote speaker for safety associations, VPP Safety groups, and Mining and construction industries, sharing ideas for safety.



  • He has improved employee engagement, customer satisfaction scores, moral and increase employee productivity within many corporations.


  • Improved sales revenues, and created sales loyalty with internal sales teams, distribution channels and customers.


  • Designed large employee safety, recognition, and sales recognition and award programs in the form of the following Integrated solutions:


a)  Safety Award Program

b)  Employee Recognition

c)  Reward Programs

d)  Length of Service and anniversary programs

e)  Sales and Loyalty programs

f)  employee Referral Programs


His wife Diane and two children live in the

Dallas-Fort Worth area.


Roger enjoys boating with the family, Golf, and Racquetball in his spare time