Company Store / Fulfillment Solutions

Our Company Store Programs provide on-target management of your brand assets and deliver your company’s custom merchandise with complete control when your team needs it. Plus, our fulfillment services reduce administrative
tasks so you can focus on marketing your company. Now, that ’s a hard-hitting, can’t-miss combination!


The ideal solution for corporations, franchises, and businesses with
multiple locations, an online Company Store is an efficient way to manage
your greatest asset in conveying your company’s image – your brand. From
branded apparel and print collateral, to promotional products, secure your
brand by controlling the products offered. And since it’s web-based, your
store is open for business at anytime! 

GAINING CONTROL: The Benefits of a Company Store

CONTROL YOUR BRAND. While your organization works hard to establish and
maintain branding guidelines, not everyone follows suit. A carefully managed
program for your marketing materials keeps your standards in check.

CONTROL SPENDING. When promotional products are purchased through an online store, measuring and accounting for them becomes an essential ingredient to
managing budgets and spending.

CONTROL USAGE. Identify which departments or locations are using these
branding tools (and how they are being used) with detailed reports that
provide budget allocation.

CONTROL COSTS. Your marketing professionals were hired to strategically
promote your brand. Having them ship branded clothing, promotional items,
and literature to events across the country is expensive, not to mention the
critical tasks that are overlooked while they pack boxes or follow up on
details that take them away from more important responsibilities.

CONTROL DISTRIBUTION. Packing and shipping the correct products to the right place at the right time is critical. Relying on experienced fulfillment
professionals is good for business.

CONTROL STOCK MANAGEMENT. For stores with products in inventory, real-time reports provide live inventory of products on the shelves and ready to ship!