How to Select the Proper Gift for a Client!

  • Nov 15, 2018

Selecting a client gift can be time consuming + frustrating = Anxiety!


Start off with these questions, which are in no specific order.


1. Where does my client spend a lot of their business time?  e.g. Car, office, on the road, in hotels.

2. Do they travel internationally?  

3. Is the gift for a group or an individual?

4. Can they accept gifts and if so, is there a price range? 

5. So I will be top of mind, what type of gifts can be used year round?  

6. Is alcohol appropriate for the client?

7. Where can I find quality electronic gifts?

8. Who is going to gift wrap the gifts?

9. Are you sending anything else along with your gift?

10. Do you have the time to handle these details?


These questions have helped me select the proper gift for my clients.  Unfortunately, I've learned thru trial and error.                

       "They say, "Experience is the best teacher."  I agree, as long as it's not your experience.  


Now you have an advantage!


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